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Statistics Business Calculus Advanced Business Math Multivariable Calculus Pi Day! The Theology of Pi Infinity Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity E=mc-squared in One Page! Final Talk
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Statistics Examples

Statistics and Austerity Economics

Statistics and Gun Laws

Statistics and the Media

Statistics and Biased Studies

Statistics and Reporting

Statistics and Measurement Error

Statistics and Causation

Statistics and Climate Change

Statistics and Graphs

Statistics and Demographic Changes

Statistics and Early Death

Statistics and Biased Interpretations

Statistics and Biased Samples

Statistics and Not So Good Graphs

Sampling Error


Rubik's Cube

Introduction to Rubik's Cube Rubik Software Rubik's Cube Solution Permutations Practice -Permutations Practice -Permutations -Answers Counting the Number of Permutations in Rubik's Cube What is a Group? Practice -What is a Group? Practice -What is a Group -Answers
Some Special Classes of Groups Practice -Some Special Classes of Groups Practice -Some Special Classes of Groups -Answers Subgroups Practice -Subgroups Practice -Subgroups -Answers Rubik's Cube Subgroups Conjugates and Commutators Practice -Conjugates and Commutators Practice -Conjugates and Commutators Answers
Conjugates and Commutators in Rubik's Cube Patterns on Rubik's Cube Revisiting the Solution to Rubik's Cube Normal Subgroups and Homomorphisms Practice -Normal Subgroups and Homomorphisms Practice -Normal Subgroups and Homomorphisms -Answers Visual Group Theory Practice -Visual Group Theory Practice- Visual Group Theory -Answers Groups of Small Order
Life Lessons from Group Theory and Rubik's Cube Group Explorer                

Differential Equations

What is a Differential Equation? Separable Differential Equations Exact Differential Equations Integrating Factors Constant Coefficients Springs The Incredible Harmonic Oscillator! Laplace Transforms Doc Benton's Favorite Laplace Transforms Gamma Function


Beginning Group Theory (under construction)

What Is a Group? Introduction to Cycle Notation (video) How to Multiply Cycles Left to Right (video) Group Theory 101 (video) What Is a Group - Practice What Is a Group - Answers Cyclic Groups and Subgroups Modular Arithmetic (video) Definition of a Cyclic Group (video) Cyclic Subgroups (video)
Cyclic Groups and Subgroups - Practice Cyclic Groups and Subgroups - Answers Dihedral Groups Dihedral Groups (video) Dihedral Groups - Practice Dihedral Groups - Answers Symmetric Groups Symmetric Groups (video) Symmetric Groups - Practice Symmetric Groups - Answers
Direct Products Direct Products of Groups (video) Direct Products of Finite Cyclic Groups (video) The Klein 4-group (video) Direct Products - Practice Direct Products - Answers Generator Diagrams Generator Diagrams - Practice Generator Diagrams - Answers Cycle Graphs
Cycle Graphs - Practice Cycle Graphs - Answers Cayley Graphs Cayley Graphs - Practice Cayley Graphs - Answers Subgroup Lattices Subgroup Lattices - Practice Subgroup Lattices - Answers Introduction to Conjugates Introduction to Conjugates - Practice
Introduction to Conjugates - Answers Introduction to Commutators Commutators - Cube theory 101 (video) Rubik's Cube Theory: Commutators (video) Rubik's - Build Your own Algortihms with Commutators (video) Introduction to Commutators - Practice Introduction to Commutators - Answers Introduction to Orbits Orbits and Cycles (video) Introduction to Orbits - Practice
Introduction to Orbits - Answers Introduction to the Stabilizer Subgroup Stabilizer of Group Action on a Set (video) Introduction to the Stabilizer Subgroup - Practice Introduction to the Stabilizer Subgroup - Answers          


Intermediate Group Theory (under construction)

  Easy Proofs              


Advanced Group Theory (under construction)

  Orbits Orbits-Exercises Orbits-Exercises-Answers Conjugates The Sylow Theorems